Finding New Ways to Enjoy Theatre…

With theatre shut for the foreseeable, life does seem a little odd. I miss the buzz of walking into an auditorium and watching the seats fill, and escaping the world for two hours; as I am sure many of you will agree. However, it is not all doom and gloom. I think when we are able to go back it’ll be an all the more special experience, from both sides of the curtain, and I can’t wait to be part of the roars from the audience in those first few months back. Meanwhile, it’s been fun finding new ways to enjoy theatre, and other forms of live entertainment from the comfort of my home.

In example, Andrew Lloyd Webber has been releasing archives of his shows – so me and my parents, settled down to watch Jesus Christ Superstar, filmed in 2012 at the O2 in London. Yes, it wasn’t a local production, but it was a show we missed out on and otherwise probably wouldn’t have seen, if not for that free 48 hour release of this official live recording, and we really enjoyed it.

There’s been many other productions from across the region, London and the world that have been made available too – in fact keeping up with the plethora of official recordings, amongst the live streamed concerts, Instagram live Q&A’s, pre-recorded concerts and musical films is almost trickier than managing my usual theatre schedule!

To make it a little easier, we do have our GrapevineLIVE Listings which has been adapted to cater for the newfound digital world of shows and gigs. Take a look here:

We are actively encouraging listings to be updated regularly, so if you’re a performer hosting a live streamed show or gig of any sort please get in touch. Alternatively if you have any news on new or archived shows being released, email us information at or tag us on social media, and we will do our best to help you spread the news.

Whilst nothing beats the feeling of live theatre, these opportunities to see shows we may have never otherwise seen, or even relive some of our favourite shows, are a rare treat. A time like this may never come again, so I think we have to enjoy what we have and be grateful for the companies being kind enough to open up some of their archives.

Some companies of which are asking for donations in exchange for access to the live stream, while others are suggesting it as a good-will gesture. If you can afford to, and enjoy the performances you’re watching, paying whatever you can into theatre charities, be it a big group like Funds For Freelancers or Acting For Others, or just directly into your local theatres funds would be hugely appreciated. Theatres really need our support, and anything you can give can really help.

We would love to hear the new ways you’ve been enjoying theatre too, so do keep in touch with us over on our social channels.

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