Farlingaye High School in Woodbridge invite you to “Be our Guest” and come to see “Beauty and the Beast”

Farlingaye High School in Woodbridge invite you to “Be our Guest” and come to see “Beauty and the Beast”, their first production since the pandemic, taking place at Seckford Theatre.

Students and staff have rehearsed since November to bring a truly professional and entertaining production to the stage – having to work twice as hard due to having two casts performing on different nights and battling with the covid restrictions throughout the rehearsal period. 

Wanting to pull out all the stops, yet with a limited budget and being conscious of the environmental impact, all the costumes, scenery and props were all either donated, already in the school’s costume cupboard or sourced from charity shops.

With her great eye for detail, parent Tiffany Fraser Steele designed the costumes from donated materials and has been at her sewing machine since before Christmas. Helped by Helene Shaw, a member of staff, and a small number of kind staff, friends and parents, cutting out, sewing and doing alterations, the costumes are spectacular.

Deben Players, and particularly Sam Harvey, have very kindly lent props, scenery, some costumes and their expertise for free to help the production.

There are nearly 100 students involved in the production with a cast of more than 50. All music will be played live from the band of 24 school musicians. The theatre will be crewed by students both front of house and backstage.

Despite being a low carbon emissions production, the show will be a spectacular feast for the eyes and ears. A welcome back to some normality after the pandemic.

Come to watch a “Tale as Old as Time” and buy your tickets before they sell out.


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