We have an update from the lovely folks at Family@Church is East Bergholt:

The first Sunday in April happened to be Easter Sunday, so we were delighted to be worshipping together in church and in person. It was wonderful to see lovely happy faces – old and new – who seeamed equally pleased to be back. We had nearly 50 people attend, including 20 children, and it was exciting to welcome a number of new families to our service, many of whom attend the Friday morning toddler group.

Sadly, with the restrictions still in place, we were still unable to sing, organise activities or move around the church as we normally like to do. However, we were still able to talk about Easter and how Jesus rose to give us new life. We lit the special Easter candle and ‘performed’ The Tale of 3 Trees Easter play.

The Tale of 3 Trees tells the story of three trees with plans for their future and what they would like to be – a treasure chest, a boat carrying royalty and a tree to remind people of God. In the event, one became the manger in the stable at Bethlehem, the second became the fisherman’s boat which carried Jesus through the storm, and the third was used to make the cross upon which Jesus died. All achieved their dreams but not in the way that they had originally thought. God moves in mysterious ways!

We had to ‘say’ our Sorry Song and ‘action’ others rather than sing them, but when we went out into the churchyard for an Easter egg treasure hunt, we were able to sing as it is permitted outside! Thank goodness the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

The next service is on Sunday 2 May and we sincerely hope we will still be together again in church. If you need a chat at any time, please don’t hesitate to call one of us.

Liz Digby: 01473 312281 / liz.digby@btopenworld.com

Fiona Trott: 01206 298205 / fiona.trott13@gmail.com