Ed Sheeran Voted UK’s Ideal Beer Garden Drinking Companion

Pop star Ed Sheeran has been voted as the UK’s most sought after drinking partner, according to new data from Chef & Brewer pubs. 

With temperatures set to hit a record 40 degrees Celsius this week, a survey of 2,000 adults commissioned by the collection of unique country pubs named the red-headed singer as the person they’d most like to share a drink with in a beer garden. 

Ed Sheeran was the top choice, beating out over a dozen iconic figures such as Her Majesty the Queen, football star David Beckham, TV presenter Holly Willoughby, as well as several other notable names in the music industry, such as Adele, Elton John and Taylor Swift. 

Research also revealed that UK pub goers believe the ideal temperature to enjoy a drink in a beer garden is a balmy 21.9 degrees, just over half of today’s predicted temperature in some parts of the country. 

When it comes to summer heatwaves, those surveyed were also asked the maximum temperature they’d be willing to endure before work should be cancelled. The average response was 25.7 degrees, considerably lower than temperatures experienced this week. 

Heather Moore, Senior Marketing Manager at the Chef & Brewer collection, said: “With temperatures expected to hit up to 40 degrees this week, such hot weather presents the perfect setting for people to enjoy a refreshening cold drink with their friends or family in beer gardens acround the UK.

“We have a number of beautiful gardens in our collection, where guests can relax and even enjoy a bite to eat throughout the day and warm evenings. We also have lots of water bowls to keep your four-legged companions hydrated and happy. Visit one of our pubs to indulge in the lovely weather and remember to take care travelling, drink lots of water and wear plenty of sun cream!”

Top Beer Garden Drinking Companions

Name %
Ed Sheeran10% ↑
The Queen7%        
David Beckham6%        
Michele Obama 6%        
Holly Willoughby6%        
Boris Johnson6%        
Elton John6%        
Serena Williams 6%        
Drake5% ↓
Taylor Swift5% ↓
Mary Berry4% ↓
Simon Cowell4% ↓
Joe Biden3% ↓

To find the closest Chef & Brewer collection beer garden to you, visit: https://www.chefandbrewer.com/find-us/

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