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J Rulton-Fox is an Ipswich writer and his debut novel, Porcelain Shelter, was published by Wild Wolf Publications on 23rd June. It has been available as a pre-order e-book on Amazon. He has had short stories published in several international anthologies. As this is a debut novel, and he is relatively unknown, Wild Wolf will publish a paperback version of the book if 100 sales of the e-book are generated in the first three months following its release. It is an exciting time for the author, who has just completed his second full-length manuscript.

Porcelain Shelter is the story of a young woman called Anastasia, who has recently suffered a heartbreaking loss. She is drawn to Barnaby, an elderly man tasked with keeping a watch over an ancient and mysterious woodland. He promises that he can assist Anastasia in finding all she has lost, but first she must help him save the world.

It is an uplifting story, based upon the idea that even when things seem at their darkest, all is not lost, and that with hope and belief we can find our redemption.

J Rulton-Fox has always been interested in writing and, in his younger days, was a member of several local Ipswich bands including LoveJunk and Perfect Daze.

‘It is a very different process,’ he says. ‘Obviously, writing is a much more intimate and individual pursuit, and it is also a much more drawn-out activity. When you are in a band and playing gigs, you get an immediate reaction from the audience, whether that be positive or negative. When it comes to writing I am always reminded of the old quote, that it is like telling a joke and then having to wait two years to find out whether anybody thinks it’s funny. Writing is very cathartic and rewarding, but this is a rather daunting time, having your work finally released into the world so that other people can read it. It is also, of course, extremely exciting.’

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