Copdock & Washbrook Parish Council

Happy New Year from your parish councillors. A New Year and probably a new tier or lockdown conditions!

Christmas will have been difficult for some people. The Good Neighbour Emergency Response Network remains ready to offer advice and give specific help. Please contact 01473 730430 (in confidence) for help and/or support.

You may want to ask councillors for help to find ways through the administrative jungle with the district council and county councils. Please feel free to ask, contact details below. Your parish council is here to help all residents of the village.

Some people envisage councillors are retired and over age 75. Not all are retired, some fit parish duties in with busy day jobs. My motto is, if you want a job done, ask a busy person.

There is currently a vacancy for a parish councillor. Not all councillors will be known to villagers we are starting a ‘Know your Councillor’ so each councillor can tell about their background. Feedback will be welcome.

If you are interested in knowing more, contact our parish clerk and see if you can attend a meeting, likely a virtual meeting until the virus has passed. / 07849 055699


Present: Councllors Keith Armes, Laura Butters, Louise Carman, Terry Corner (chairman), Mike Watling, Simon Downey, District Councillor Dave Busby, County Councillor Christopher Hudson, James Mellish (guest) and Angela Chapman (clerk)

Clerk’s Report including Matters Arising

  • Bowls club lease: Birketts have prepared a draft lease and the process should be completed by Christmas.
  • Enforcement issue – Petersfield House: Cllr Watling and the clerk are in contact with Paul Scarff at BDC to ensure the planning permissions are adhered to.
  • Website: Cllr Downey and the clerk have started the process of setting up the new website.
  • Play area: Signs have been ordered for the village hall and Fen View areas.      
  • Casual vacancies: Two vacancieshave been advertised on Volunteer Suffolk.

County Councillor Christopher Hudson
The subject of flooding at the bottom of The Street was raised by parish councillors, as well as reports of a further accident on Old London Road. Councillor Hudson will speak to Highways regarding the flooding and asked for the pictures of the accident to be sent to him. He also offered to speak with Luke Barber at SCC Highways regarding the plan for alterations on Old London Road and to invite Steve Merry to a meeting to discuss the way forward.

District Councillor Dave Busby
Councillor Busby reported he had meet with Babergh DC Heritage at the Boss Hoggs site where offices are more likely than flats. There is a proposal for an electric charging point and cafe on the triangle of land between the A12 and Old London Road in the future. The BDC budget looking better than expected after more central government funding was received. Wolsey Grange development and associated road works to be carried out together to try and alleviate congestion; the primary school is now in the second phase.

Planning Applications

  • DC/20/05215: Proposal & Location
    Erection of stable block, Glebe Farm, Old London Road, Copdock & Washbrook, Ipswich IP8 3JN / No objection
  • DC/20/05176: Proposal & Locations
    Erection of new returns (quarantine) warehousing building, office extension(s) and change of use and conversion of stables to form office accommodation, Glebe Farm, Old London Road / No objection
  • DC/20/05278: Proposal
    Erection of single storey rear extension and garage conversion at 27 Charlottes, Copdock & Washbrook, Ipswich IP8 3HZ / No objection
  • DC/20/04422: Planning Applications determined by Babergh DC

Proposal & Location: Erection of two storey rear extension (amended scheme to approved DC/20/02235), The Pigeons, Pigeons Lane, Copdock & Washbrook, Ipswich IP8 3HH / Granted

Councillor & Clerk Training
Clerk to set up induction policy for new councillors, consult SALC website for template. All councillors to be encouraged to attend regular training. Clerk to arrange a bespoke ‘Effective Meetings’ workshop with SALC for all councillors to attend.


Your parish council currently comprises of seven parish councillors including the chair and the clerk. We have one vacancy and over the coming months will introduce you to those involved.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us at: / 07849 055699

This month we introduce Terry Cobner, the parish council chairman.

Tell us about yourself Terry                         
I came to the village in 1999 as I took early retirement. Traditionally, a sailor walks inland with a pair of oars on his shoulder. When a native asks what the oars are for, you know you’re too far from the sea! I have lived around Ipswich and the Shotley Peninsular since I was five. I left to go to sea on leaving college, a short career as I realised technology was making me redundant as a radio officer. I joined the GPO, then BT and the rest, as they say, is history.

What made you join the parish council?     
At the time, the village was short of councillors. Having swopped war stories with Peter Jones, he suggested I might like to join the council. At the time I was a young councillor following the tradition of asking a busy person to undertake task best gets the job done.

What do you hope to achieve as a parish councillor?                    
Working with councillors to make the best use of skills to develop the village, which perhaps suffers from being well spread out. I live in The Street where Washbrook and Copdock face each other across the road. We need to try to make Folly Lane, London Road and Elm Lane coalesce together whilst separating, as much as possible, from the Ipswich fringe.

What is the best thing about the village?
The rural approach looking up The Street. It’s not so good going up Swan Hill, nor the speeding traffic down The Street.

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