Minutes of the meeting held virtually via Teams on Tuesday 4 May.

Present were Cllrs Keith Armes, Laura Butters, Louise Carman, Terry Corner (chairman), Simon Downey, James Mellish, Mike Watling, District Councillor Dave Busby, County Councillor Christopher Hudson, nine residents and the parish clerk, Angela Chapman.

Terry Corner and Mike Watling were re-elected and vice-chair of the parish council.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the parish council has been conducting its business through remote meetings via Teams for the past 15 months. The High Court ruled against continuing remote meetings after May 6 so face- to-face meetings will resume in June under the current Covid-19 guidelines.

Quiet lanes

Cllr Mellish confirmed EOI had been submitted; he had spoken to the chair of Bentley PC who is chair of Quiet Lanes. Consultation is needed and funding is available. The project is resource heavy and would need representatives from the parish as well as the PC.

Tree Planting Plan

Babergh DC have a rolling programme of tree and hedge planting in the district, as well as wildflower areas. Cllr Mellish will map out locations for tree and hedge planting plus a community plan for the village.

ANPR cameras

Cllr Watling reported the battery-powered cameras can only be used on 20mph and 30mph roads, such as The Street and Back Lane. Public consultation is needed for nominated site/s. The council will ask Highways for recommendations.


The new website, which will be a good way to communicate news to the village, is progressing and will need to be promoted once complete. The council will continue to use noticeboards, In Touch and The Brook and plans to hold a ‘Meet the Parish Council’ type surgery every two months once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Planning Applications to be considered by the parish council

dc/21/02063 /Proposal: householder Planning Application

Erection of single and two-storey front, side and rear extension to dwelling and erection of detached cartlodge/garage. Location: Whitacre, School Hill, Copdock & Washbrook IP8 3HY

Comments: It is noted the works have already commenced and continue. The location of the cartlodge appears to be in a different location to the plan. The parish council recommend rejection due to planning infringement and arboricultural issues of proposed cartlodge.

dc/21/02073 / Application for outline Planning Permission

Proposal: Application for Outline Planning Permission for a residential development of up to 170 dwellings together with associated off-street parking, garden amenity space, vehicular access off Old London Road, public open space incorporating an equipped area of play and associated development. Please see Planning Statement for full details. Location: Land South East Of, Back Lane, Copdock & Washbrook. Comments: See parish council comments on the Babergh District Council planning portal.

dc/21/01986 / Application for Planning Permission

Proposal: Householder Planning Application – Erection of first-floor extension. Location: Oak Cottage, Old London Road, Copdock & Washbrook IP8 3JF. Comments: t appears this application should have been a retrospective one as the extension is already built. However, the parish council do not object to the work that has been carried out.

Planning Applications determined by babergh dc

dc/21/00589 / Proposal & location of development

Householder application: Erection of two-metre-high close boarded fence to front boundary at Marvelle House, The Street, Copdock & Washbrook IP8 3HS. Refusal.

dc/21/00809 / Proposal & location of development

Householder application: Part replacement and heightening of roof for additional accommodation above. Tudor Cottage, Old London Road, Copdock & Washbrook IP8 3JW. Granted.

dc/21/02211 / Non-Material Amendment
Town & country Planning Act 1990
Proposal: Application for a non-material amendment following grant of planning permission of B/16/00802. Submission of details to regularise revised layout. Location: Former Football Ground North East Of, Elm Lane, Copdock & Washbrook. Granted.

The next parish council meeting is on Tuesday 1 June, 7.30pm at Copdock Village Hall, with Covid-19 guidelines in place.

The good Neighbourhood support group remain ready to offer advice and help. Please ring 01473 730430 in confidence.

Getting To Know Your Parish Council

Your parish council currently comprises seven parish councillors including the chair and a Clerk. We currently have one vacancy. Over the coming months, we will introduce you to those involved.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us: copdockparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk / 07849 055699

Simon Downey:

I have lived in the village with my family for 12 years, seeing our children through local primary and secondary schools, and been a resident in Suffolk for over 20.

I am a keen (if very amateur) runner and cyclist, so have spent my time getting to know and love the parish roads, tracks and footpaths. One of the most attractive features of the area for me is the fact that we maintain a distinctly rural village feel despite the proximity to Ipswich.

What made you join the Pc?

I joined Copdock & Washbrook Parish Council in 2020, having previously been part of the village Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. I enjoyed getting to know more residents through this and made some good new friends. I joined the council to build on some of the work we have done in building a plan for the village and to help build and develop our local environmental plans.

What do you hope to achieve as a Pc?

I would like to see the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan which will set out our strategy for future development of the village. I am also looking forward to working with fellow councillors to address traffic issues in the area and hope to gain support and adoption of plans to improve safety along Old London Road and Swan Hill where we have seen a number of serious incidents.

What is the best thing about the village?

A lot of folks rightly say the pub! I enjoy that we have a really good, friendly local community which makes this an attractive place to live. We also have such a beautiful location in the countryside whilst being close to town for amenities.