Copdock & Washbrook Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held virtually on Tuesday 5 January

Present: Councillors Keith Armes, Laura Butters, Louise Carman, Terry Corner (chairman), Simon Downey, Mike Watling, District Councillor Dave Busby, County Councillor Christopher Hudson, James Mellish (guest) and Angela Chapman (clerk).

Co-option of Councillor: James Mellish was co-opted unanimously and welcomed by the chair.

Bowls Club Lease: Awaiting confirmation of draft lease.

Enforcement Issue – Petersfield House
The parish council has received a further planning application for this property which effectively cuts off the access and includes the driveway under the enforcement issue. Cllr Mike Watling and Clerk in contact with BDC Enforcement and District Councillor Dave Busby.

Website: Cllr Downey and the clerk are supplying data to populate the site which will be for the whole village, with each organisation having a page/ section or a link to their own site.

Environmental Management: Carman 4 Seasons, based in the village, cleared three trailer loads of leaves over the Christmas and New Year period to help tidy up the village.

Casual Vacancy: One remaining vacancy.

Councillor Hudson confirmed a donation to Copdock Cricket Club from his Locality Budget. Cllr Watling asked about the flooding at the bottom of Old London Road and CH agreed to contact Highways to get an update.

Proposed car parking charges in Hadleigh and Sudbury have caused a petition to be sent to Babergh DC, therefore the decision will be deferred to February.

For full comments and plans please go to:

DC/20/05661: Full Planning Application. Erection of rear timber garden building at The Brook Inn. Providing the building is not used for musical entertainment, then no objection.

DC/20/05727: Householder Planning Application. Erection of extension with glazed link to be used as a day room, garage, utility, shower, WC and sauna (following demolition of existing garage and outbuildings) at Petersfield House, Church Lane.

DC/20/0573: Householder Planning Application. Erection of porch extension (following partial demolition of existing) at 1 Rose Cottages, Back Lane. No objection.

DC/20/04725: Planning Application. Conversion of existing ground floor cafe/offices at Boss Hoggs Truck Stop to office space together with associated external works. Erection of security fencing including formation of compounds for three further business units. Retention of containers and formation of truck wash bay.

Copdock & Washbrook Parish Council has lead responsibility for the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) currently in progress. The NP group have worked with Babergh DC to review all 16 sites put forward in the SHELAA (Strategic Housing Economic Land Availability Assessment) in 2017. Furthermore, the NP now incorporates all sites supported in Babergh’s Draft Local Plan that was open for consultation in 2019.

Copdock & Washbrook has complex issues with infrastructure that the NP hopes to address. The village is unique in that it has a dual carriageway running through it and it is the view of the PC that further development in the village outside of the sites that have been put forward to Babergh as part of the site selection should not currently be supported. The NP is developing a shared vision for the neighbourhood and will include policies that support how the village expands. It will also ensure that the infrastructure supports this, that links are maintained and that the landscape is not adversely affected.

The parish council reiterates comments from SCC Highways and Heritage. If the application is successful, the parish council would like to see the trees retained all around the compound as a light and sound barrier between the site and adjacent listed buildings and neighbours and to present a more environmentally friendly setting.

DC/20/05791: Householder Application. Erection of leisure building providing a single-storey indoor pool and two-storey gym facilities at Park House on Wenham Road. No objection.

DC/20/05942: Planning Application. Erection of an agricultural workers dwelling and garage on land adjacent to mace Green Farm. Comments: This planning application does not align with the Neighbourhood Plan, is outside identified areas and has no access to amenities.

DC/20/05861: Householder Planning Application. Erection of single-storey rear/side garage and garden room extension and two-storey rear extension with terrace and balcony at Elm View, Old London Road. No objection.

A small rent increase was agreed which makes a full plot £30, a three-quarter plot £22.50 and a half plot £15. The Good Neighbourhood Support Group is ready to offer advice and help. Please ring 01473 730430 in confidence.

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