Constable Park: Glamping, Kayaking, and Dining!

Sarah and Ian Williams- owners of Constable Park

Time to get the suncream, flip flops and BBQ tongs out, Constable Park is opening just in time for the summer weather! 

Here at In Touch magazine, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the grounds before its grand opening this Sunday. 

Visitors will immediately be shocked by the size of the grounds surrounded by the River Stour, and all the swans and wildlife it’s home to. 

Cafe manager, Hannah

The grounds have three businesses, all of which work in tandem. The kayaking and paddleboard hire, with ice creams and bottled drinks available, is opening this Sunday. The glamping site, with both tents and chalets – depending on the size of the group, aims to open by July. Lastly, but certainly not least, the modern café with an outdoor patio area, run by the lovely Hannah, also aims to be open in July. 

They have plenty of amenities nearby, including a train station within sight to avoid the need to drive and park, and large 9kw solar panels powering the café, which allows the site to remain off-grid. 

The kayak hire (top right), luxurious tents (top middle and left), chalet exterior (middle left) and interior, and the cafe (bottom right)

Before Constable Park, Ian Williams ran the Gold Duke of Edinburgh for ten years, working with a few schools in the area before that. Alongside his wife, Sarah Williams, the pair designed and created the park and are looking forward to finally being able to welcome visitors inside to see it in all its glory.

Ian explained, “Having a bit of grass where you can pull up with a canoe, is something I’ve been looking for for a long time. This place came up and, initially, I thought it was way too big, but I went and had a chat with the people who run the Area of Natural Beauty and they said they’d support us.” 

From there, Ian went to the planning contractors with their design concept, and the development was approved with the addition of a massive £124,000 grant. 

Ian chuckled, stating: “So instead of me being sixty and retiring, whats happened is we are now fully invested in making Constable Park work.” 

In the future, Ian and Sarah would love to install zip wires, rope courses and even a tree house for children, as well as a wellness centre, with a hot tub and massage facilities. There will also be disabled access for one of the chalets soon. 

Sarah explained: “I’m so thankful to all the people that have helped us along the way. Claire, our architect has managed to turn our little model into a reality. I’d like to thank our contractors too.  Although the development was built by the builders, I’d like to say that Ian has been a part of everything throughout and has worked so hard. It’s been great, so thanks to everybody.”  

Sarah and Ian Williams

To hire out a paddleboard or kayak for your family this Sunday, simply head to Constable Park on Bergholt Rd, Brantham, Manningtree CO11 1QR. To enquire about summer bookings, simply head to their website and book yourself a slot!

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