Claydon High School Update

Over recent weeks the majority of students and staff have continued to work from home under the national lockdown advice but every day in Claydon, young people have been supported with their ongoing home learning with staff based in school. We are proud to have supported key workers with continuing to undertake their critical roles and of the many staff who volunteered to give up days in their holidays in order to continue this provision.

We have all learned there are many challenges to working from home, whether it’s sharing the physical space, the Wi-Fi connection or the resilience to keep going when everything feels so different to ‘normal’. We have had staff in contact with many of our students via emails, phone calls or a chat in the front garden, offering support to overcome these challenges and promoting wellbeing which is crucial at this tough time.

We are incredibly proud of our students for all of their acts of kindness during the last few weeks, heads shaved, bikes ridden, steps made, all to raise money for various local and national charities. Numerous messages were shared with teachers on the national ‘thank you’ day and we see videos, photos and other media showing all of the ways in which our young people are trying to make a difference in their homes, with their friends and in the wider community.

We are in the process of welcoming back our Year 10 students, working to support them as they prepare to come into school for some face-to-face learning ready for their GCSEs next summer. However, we will miss not being able to see students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and not being in a position to host our usual transition activities for the Year 6s joining us in September. Lots more work will be taking place to support learners at home, to get to know our prospective students and make them feel confident ahead of joining high school and to extend opening of the school into the autumn term.

If any members of the local community have questions related to learning for a child of any year, please do not hesitate to contact us ( and we will be happy to answer these and help in any way we can.

Best wishes to you all for your continued good health and wellbeing over this difficult time.

Headteacher, Ms M Taylor

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