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Pastor Andrew updates us on the services at Witnesham Baptist Church as things begin to reopen

We have an update from the lovely folks at The Church of England in Claydon and Barham, Henley and Great Blakenham

For enquiries please contact:

The Revd Cathy Austin, 01473 830100
The Revd Diane Williams, Rural Dean, 01449 720316

This month, Jonathan Dedman from Barham Church writes:

Pentecost celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles on the 50th day following Easter Sunday.

This year it falls on May 23, older readers will know it also as Whit Sunday. The events are described in the Acts of the Apostles Chapter 2. This marked the beginning of their mission to take the message of Jesus’ resurrection and promise of life eternal to the whole world.

Gathered together in a room upstairs, uncertain and apprehensive of the future, almost self-isolating as a group, the Spirit moved among them giving them extraordinary gifts. After it passed, they emerged to a world in which was superficially familiar, yet every everything had changed… Remind you of anything?

Obviously, we all hope that nothing that happens in the next few months, whether at home or abroad, threatens the promised dates for the easing and eventual abolition of the restrictions and regulations we have been living under for so long. These restrictions and regulations were physiologically difficult to deal with but logistically relatively straight forward, we just stopped everything bar a few exceptions. In this time, most of us have developed new habits and routines and it may prove harder to reboot our old lives and return to normal than we think.

Some people will visit anything that is open simply because they can. Others will have lost their sense of confidence in the safety of the world for themselves and their loved ones. The vast majority, I suspect, will take baby steps towards rebuilding the patterns of life: The Church is no different.

In discussions, we have speculated about what the patterns, types and times of worship will be in the future, for instance we think Zoom is here to stay (other types of online communication are available). What they will be like is, to a greater or lesser degree, above our pay grade, but we have made plans for services and events, some detailed below but also available on our website and on physical and online pew sheets.

That terrible ‘we are on a journey’ reality show cliché actually suits the Christian message quite well because much of the narrative part of the New Testament (the Gospels and the Acts) describes the journeys Christ and his followers took. So, ‘we are on a journey’ and however you worship, or not, we would love it if you would share at least part of it with us.


All service details are on the website, pew sheet and Facebook. Zoom services take place at 9.30am on the first, third and fifth Sundays. To join us, please email Wendy Hooper at

There is a Service of Holy Communion at Barham Church on Wednesdays at 10am, on the first, second and fourth Sundays at 10am, and at 8am on the third and fifth Sundays.

To attend a service, please book with Jonathan Dedman on 01473 830890 or

Social distancing is observed and everyone attending a service is required to wear a face covering.

Gt Blakenham Church is open for Private Prayer on Saturdays between 10am and noon. Henley Church is open on Sundays from 2-4pm. Social distancing measures observed.

Future Events
Christian Aid Week Appeal:
10-16 May, supported across all three churches. Benefice APCM: Thursday 27 May, 7pm via Zoom.

Barham Church
Thanksgiving Service:
27 June Barham Hall Picnic Concert: 3 July
BBQ: 18 July
J-Team Holiday Club: 11-13 August
Fete and Harvest Festival: 11 & 13 September

Gt Blakenham Church
Zoom Quiz:
Friday 28 May, 7 for 7.15pm – contact to book Seed Swap: 23 May
Doggy Day: 31 July
Patronal Festival: 15 August – contact Wendy Hooper on 01473 846642 for details.

Henley Church

The first ever Henley Virtual Puzzle Evening will take place on Friday 21 May. £10 per household (including the puzzle). To find out more or to register your interest in joining, please contact by May 10.

We are looking forward to gathering in our churchyard on the afternoon of Sunday 23 May to celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the church.

Patronal Festival: 26-27 June
More details to follow in the coming months for all our churches: see our

Facebook page and website for updates. Thank you to all who contribute to our page.

May the Holy Spirit kindle in us all the fire of His love. Come Holy Spirit, Come! Amen

Facebook: The Claydon Group of Churches

HALL BOOKINGS WHEN AVAILABLE Barham Church Hall: Zoe Groom, 831804
Gt Blakenham Parish Room: Reg Barton, 839958

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