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We have an update from Chairman CFC Tim Carr at Claydon Football Club as they begin to open for the new season

We have an update from Chairman CFC Tim Carr at Claydon Football Club as they begin to open for the new season:

Background staff have been incredibly busy maintaining facilities whilst we have been in lockdown. This is made possible with the ‘dream team’ of Tony, Mick, John, Charlie, and a guest appearance from Mick on loan from the bowls club to revive an older part of our machinery.

However, it all restarted on March 29 with the resumption of training and competitive matches for the youth section and training and a friendly schedule of games for the seniors. There has been a considerable amount of admin prep for this and Angela, our youth section secretary, has been busy getting forms printed off, working to ensure everything is in place for the coaches and reassuring parents that we are fully Covid-19 compliant. My thanks to all those mentioned for supporting us as we do our best to ensure safety for all and get players back to football.

Youth team fixtures have been rescheduled to fit all games in by May 15 with the seniors playing league-organised friendly fixtures to the end of May so there’s plenty of football at the Blue Circle and the recreation ground. Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed to attend games at the Blue Circle but we continue to plan ahead and look forward to competitive football next season where we sincerely hope to complete at senior level without it being declared null and void. Third time lucky!

I’m particularly pleased to be back as I have had a severe case of ‘lockdown Belly’, mainly down to diet as I have been out on the ‘ol’ boike’! Players younger and older will have walked the same gauntlet and now it’s the challenge of kick-starting ourselves into some sort of normality. For me, that means a calorie-controlled diet and a healthy dose of the gym!

I wish the players of CFC and all local football good luck and a quick resumption to fitness as we shake off the Lockdown blues and get back into shape.

Chairman CFC Tim Carr

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