Christian Aid Week With a Difference

Christian Aid Week (10-16 May) With A Difference more urgent than ever…

At this time of year, I usually write an article inviting everyone to support the valuable work Christian Aid does in the poorer communities in the world by asking you to responding generously when a volunteer posts a red envelope through your door. However, with the current Coronavirus emergency measures things are very different this year. Very sadly, under the current circumstances house-to-house collections cannot take place and we will be unable to collect from this community the nearly £2,500 we raised together last year.

I say very sadly because the communities Christian Aid works with around the world are the very places where Coronavirus will hit people hardest. These are the places which do not have the healthcare infrastructures needed to combat widespread disease. They are also the places where many people are already living with reduced health resilience because of extreme poverty, or they are in overcrowded humanitarian camps. If infection rates start to develop there as they have done in Europe, people will be hit even harder than we have been here.

This is an appalling thought and it means these communities will need every penny in donations even more urgently than usual. So, although we cannot come to your door and invite you to make a donation, I am still making a personal appeal to you because Coronavirus impacts us all, but love unites us all.

Please consider making a donation online or by phone this year. Making a donation is a wonderful way of sharing love with our vulnerable neighbours living in poverty. Please give online by visiting and click on the red ‘Donate’ button, or give over the phone by calling 020 7523 2269. And on behalf of the poor and vulnerable people of the world, thank you.

Carolyn Smith

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