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Last year's summer group at Stonham Barns

We apologise for having to cancel the Chocolate Bingo which I know so many were looking forward to. The Christmas version is already booked for November 21 so save the date!

I think it will come as no surprise to you all that I have had to cancel the summer visit for the group. There is a possibility of our bringing a smaller group in the autumn and/or December, however I do feel that we must take each day as it comes and just look to a time when we can return to what we have always thought of as ‘normal’, whatever that may be

Whilst the charity shop remains closed and our presence in the community is at an extremely low level, I do hope that you will not forget us altogether and that we can regroup in the future. Please do not deposit donations outside the shop – there are notices giving numbers to call and where possible we will arrange collections. Not only do goods get ruined when left exposed to the weather, but there are residents at the rear of the shop and it makes access very difficult and unpleasant for them to negotiate

Please do keep in touch and if anyone is in need of anything, feel free to contact me. If we can help we will do our best to do so.

The president of Belarus is known to have said, “The Coronavirus will not be a problem (probably because he has not given permission for it to be so). Just drive it out by getting on your tractor and ploughing!”

The other piece of advice, which we obviously cannot condone, is, “take a drink of Vodka each day”.

Belarus possibly does not face the same problem as we do as although the country is the same size as the UK the total population is less than that of London City. People in the villages rarely see a stranger and tend to just go to work, come home and then repeat the cycle. We can just hope the children and families we support remain safe and healthy and, of course, our thoughts have also to be with the hundreds of children in the Cancer Hospitals throughout Belarus and hope that the virus does not reach them.

I recently put this on Facebook but in case you don’t subscribe, this is the little girl who started it all for us in 2007. When she went home she kept saying the ‘knitted hat’ (under the charity hat in the photo) did not belong to her. It was only years later when she could speak English well did we find out that she hated the hat so much she had pretended it wasn’t hers so she didn’t have to take it home!

The second picture shows the young lady she is today, now 21 years old. She credits her success to the support she received from the charity.

The second set of photos shows Masha who came to us when she was seven years old. Without going into a lot of details, she had a very poor start in life, living in very bad conditions and first watching her mother, then her grandmother pass away right in front of her. We had lost touch with her but then managed to find her as a teenager living in a hostel. We have kept in touch with her since then and are really pleased to be able to tell you she now has everything she wished for in life – a family of her own. She is married to a very kind and caring young man and has two beautiful children.

These are just two of our success stories and these plus many others have only been achievable with the support of you all. Thank you are just two little words but with such a big meaning!

Stay home stay well and stay safe. Best wishes to all.

Elizabeth Parker
01449 760343

FB: @Ccllmidsuffolk

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