Celebrity Designer Making Dream Hatcher’s Wishes Come True!

When Ipswich business incubation centre Dream Hatcher opens its doors to entrepreneurs and start-ups this winter, the goal is to give fledgling businesses a springboard to success. And thanks to the talents of celebrity interior designer Sege Rosella, the star of CBBC’s Dengineers, it’s going to be a workspace like no other. Sege is pictured on the left with Daniel Staines, managing director of engineering consultancy JMS, who are funding the Dream Hatcher project, and project leader Joseph Staines (image by Simon Ballard).

Aside from Sege’s TV work on Dengineers, and other exciting TV projects in the pipeline, he has also created unique treehouses, playhouses and bedrooms, not to mention an award-winning pirate island or two, with his own interior design company, Master Wishmakers. In short, he’s a master at making dreams come true, usually for children.

However, he was over the moon to be given total creative control of how Dream Hatcher’s shared workspace would be designed: “I love my work because I get to make spaces and environments that inspire a lifetime of creativity and adventure in children. So, when I heard about Dream Hatcher, I was passionate about getting involved. After all, young businesses need inspiration and creativity just as much as children.”

But Sege isn’t giving anything away about Dream Hatcher’s unique look or theme: “I don’t want to spoil the surprise. However, I promise you it’s truly going to be a unique working environment. And I’m honoured that my designs will help inspire the dreams and ambitions of the lucky entrepreneurs who join the Dream Hatcher incubator programme.”

Daniel Staines explains: “Sege may be known for bringing children’s dreams to life on TV, but with the incredible work he’s done for Dream Hatcher, he’s made this workspace just as exciting and inspiring for its adult occupants. We can’t wait to open our doors!”

Beyond interior designs, project leader, Joseph Staines, is eager to talk about the host of benefits Dream Hatcher can offer budding entrepreneurs and start-ups: “Aside from free office space in a truly vibrant and unique environment, successful applicants will receive six month’s support, including mentorship, access to marketing support and free internet.”

Sege has the final word: “When Daniel and Joseph explained the plans for Dream Hatcher, I was eager to offer my time and skills. Starting a business is difficult at any time, particularly those first six months. I wish an incubator like Dream Hatcher had been around back when I started up.”

Want to know more about Dream Hatcher, and apply to join their business incubator programme? Visit www.dreamhatcher.co.uk.

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