Cedarwood Primary School: Cosmic Creativity

An update on Cedarwood primary school from headteacher Tina Schute

A quick word from the lovely headteacher at Cedarwood Primary School:

We are very proud of our staff, pupils and families this term as they have adapted to new ways of teaching and learning. Our staff have continued to bring the curriculum to life for pupils with live lessons delivered straight from the classroom. The children have wowed us with their hard work and positive attitudes as they have fully embraced learning. From planetariums made using items found around the home, to woodland craft making and den building, learning has continued to be fun and hands-on for pupils of all ages. We can’t wait to welcome them back to celebrate their fantastic achievements.

A message from the Year 5 team

Year 5 at Cedarwood are COSMIC!

Listening to the news you’d think schools were closed right now but delve deeper and you’ll see that exciting and creative work is still going on. In fact, at Cedarwood Primary School it’s out of this world. Various online platforms have been used to create engaging live lessons and pupils, parents and staff have worked together to ensure that children were able to continue learning and working in an exciting and fulfilling way. For pupils in Year 5 this was by written work, joining in nationwide live lessons, watching astronauts on the ISS and having a guest speaker! The whole learning community has risen to the challenge of a new way of teaching and learning.

The amazing work from some Cedarwood Primary School pupils

Both from home and at school, pupils have joined together online to read and enjoy the heart-warming and funny novel, Cosmic from Frank Cottrell- Boyce. They have produced a stellar array of amazing work prompted by the book and their growing knowledge of space. At a time when things on Earth are uncertain, and carefree days can sometimes seem a thing of the past, Year 5 at Cedarwood have looked to the skies and studied the sun, our moon and Earth’s relationship with both. Their creativity has spanned art, science and English.

Tina Shute, Headteacher

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