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Searching, searching!

“Have you seen my keys? I’m late for work!” I holler upstairs to my wife as I frantically check the pockets of every jacket hanging in the hall. I’m sure most of us can identify with this scenario.

Apparently, I’m not alone in my searching for lost items. Various surveys suggest that on average we spend around two and a half days every year looking for stuff. That could equate to about half a year of your life just searching! And top of the list of items misplaced, you’ve guessed it, the TV remote.

But in our nation at this time of uncertainty, concern or even fear, perhaps many of us have lost some more precious commodities such as peace, joy and a sense of security. How can we find these again? Well, Jesus seemed to point us towards an answer when he simply said: “Seek and you will find!” (Matthew 7:7)

At Easter we celebrate the recovery of the most valuable of lost items. Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection made a way for the re-establishment of our lost relationship with God, our loving Heavenly Father!

Once we come back to Him we can immediately find those somewhat illusive resources of peace, security and joy. And perhaps now, more than at any other time in recent history, these can seem like discovering buried treasure!

Mark Firmin

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