Capel Allotments Guide To Gardening In May

Clear weeds. Rotovate cleared areas. Scatter slug pellets. Rake in Growmore before sowing or planting. Kill weeds on paths, patios and drives. Set up the barbecue. Protect fruit and plants from bird attacks. Water plants thoroughly with an open-ended watering can.

Veg Plot
Plant brassicas, potatoes and celery. Sow or plant runner beans to grow up eight-inch canes set in two rows three feet apart. Cross canes as low as three feet from the ground to allow the maximum number of beans to hang outwards and grow straight for easy picking and for the show bench. Tie in other canes at 45 degreesand through the crossover point to strengthen the structure. Sow salad crops, French beans, marrow, pumpkin, courgette, squashes, cucumbers, sweet corn, turnip, swede and carrots. Cover potatoes if frost is forecast or water early in the morning before the sun damages the frozen leaves. Sow fennel, basil and dill. Harvest broad beans, sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers, radish, lettuce and asparagus. Thin seeds sown in April.

Spray fruit trees affected by mildew, scab, aphids or codling moth caterpillars, blackfly and red spider mites. When fruit has set, apply a nitrogen feed and water in dry spells. Put straw around strawberries.

Ventilate, provide shade and increase humidity. Sow melons, cucumber and sweet corn. Prick out half-hardy annuals. Feed established plants weekly with liquid feed. Pinch out tips of fuchsias after two pairs of leaves and hardy annuals after four. Control insect pests. Plant tomato, cucumber, pepper melons and aubergine plants. Feed weekly when fruits begin to swell with tomato feed.

Move spring bulbs to a temporary site and feed with Growmore or blood, fish and bone fertiliser. Sow hardy annuals and biannuals. Tie in sweet peas. Cut back flowered heathers and mulch with peat. Plant up containers with summer bedding. Stake tall herbaceous plants. Mulch borders with chipped bark.

Mow weekly. Apply a liquid or granular lawn treatment


Members, please check your emails and our website for Covid-19 updates.

There are handwash stations near The Hut and at the BBQ.

The Hut
Open from 10am-noon on Saturdays and Sundays. Runner, dwarf French and climbing French beans, lettuce, sweetcorn and bedding plants available from early May to purchase and grow on from our honesty table. Online and local delivery service available to members who can’t visit.

Work-in: Sunday 23 May, 8.30am-noon

AGM: Sunday 23 May at noon
Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided if restrictions permit.

Members’ Picnic on the Plot
Planned for Saturday 24or 31July.

Annual Show, September 4-5
The show schedule is on our website.

The Photography Trophy 
Subjects for 2021: A Church Tower or Spire, Colourful, Through a Window, Texture, A Picture of Your Choice

All photographs to be colour, minimum size 150 x 100mm/6″ x 4″ and maximum size 190 x 130mm/7.5″ x 5″, mounted and taken within the last 30 months.

2020 – A Year Over Capel Allotments
View via our website or YouTube. Our sincere thanks to Chris
and Steve Hart for filming and editing this year-long project.

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Practice Social Distancing – Wash Your Hands

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