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Kill weeds on paths, patios and drives. Control slugs. Water plants thoroughly with an open ended watering can.

The Veg Plot
Rake in a general feed prior to sowing or planting. Use fleece as frost protection or to warm the soil. Plant seed potatoes and cover shoots with soil if frost is forecast. Plant onion sets, salad crops, leeks, peas, winter cabbage, cauliflower, purple-sprouting and spring heading broccoli and broad beans. Remove rhubarb flowers and pick asparagus. Sow herbs. Thin seeds sown in March. Lift and divide chives and take mint cuttings.

Plant strawberries. Spray fruit trees with a fungicide and an insecticide if infected with mildew, apple scab, aphids or codling moth. Check for caterpillars, black fly and red spider mites. Protect buds with fleece. Feed blueberries with an ericaceous feed or Iron Sulphate.

Minimise heating costs by lining with bubble plastic. Sow French and runner beans, tomatoes, melons, cucumber and sweetcorn. Protect seedlings from damping off and foot rot by treating with copper mixture. Prick out half-hardy annuals. Feed geraniums, fuchsias and established plants with a liquid feed. Support plants with split canes. Control insect pests. Plant tomatoes. Sow peas in a length of guttering filled with compost and slide into shallow trench when plants are 1.5” high. Sow broad beans in plugs and stand outside when 1.5” high for a week or so and then plant out. Sow a few seeds in plug strips of spring onions and beetroot, do not thin out. Sow a few seeds in plug strips of lettuce, thin to one plant. Repeat fortnightly. Plant outside when large enough. Sow dwarf French and climbing beans into a grow bag to pick beans a month early then discard when the plants get mildew.

Remove dead flower heads of daffodils and feed with Growmore. Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials. Prune and feed established roses. Sow hardy annuals. Plant sweet peas. Cut back heather’s that have finished flowering and mulch with peat.

Premix grass seed with John Innis seed and spread on worn areas. Aerate with a wire rake. Cut grass with the blades set high. Apply a feed, selective weed killer and lawn sand to control moss or spray with an iron sulphate solution or use a weed, feed and moss killer.

Contact Steve Blake for repairs and service (07813 814623), or TGC Garden Machinery Services, Tattingstone for repairs and service and new equipment at very competitive prices (01473 327737).

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