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Dear Friends,

My dad told us quite frequently that the best weather of the year is in the first week in June. I heard all kinds of claims like this as a child and, maybe because he was my dad, I believed every word he said. I have never surveyed the weather during the first week in June to check out the claim but have tended to think that the weather in June is quite often nice.

June is critical in the roadmap to recovery as step four, when the government aims to remove all legal limits on social contact, is due to begin on Monday 21. The guidance is quite vague at the moment with interpretations ranging from a complete lifting of all regulations to total pessimism that such an idea is irresponsible. Consequently, we find ourselves in a position of total confusion and doubt.

Maybe the right approach as we head into this month of uncertainty is for each of us to act as responsibly as we can, ensuring that we are safeguarding those around us. I believe that regardless of government guidance, I will still wash my hands regularly, sanitise my hands as I enter and leave buildings, carry sanitiser in the car and wear my mask when I am in groups of people, not simply to protect myself but to safeguard others.

May God bless you in all you do, Derek

The Network Committee is planning to meet in July with the aim of beginning monthly meetings again in September, all being well. Over the past seven months, three dear friends of the membership have passed away and we shall be especially remembering them when we meet.

When we can, it will be lovely to reconnect with all the folk at Cherryfields and also the staff and children at Bramford Playgroup. There is a question mark over coffee mornings at present as some of the ladies who used to bake, set up and run them, are no longer able to do so. Anyway, by the time you read this in June, let’s hope we’ll be enjoying some lovely sunny weather!

God bless, Olive