Boswell Office Supplies: We Know Our Business – and Yours

In a global marketplace isn’t it good to know there’s a local supplier with a long history which has not only survived in an increasing competitive industry, but has secured its place as a preferred supplier based on quality of service and value for money.

Boswell Office Supplies has a long history and still operates out of Ipswich as part of Mansion House Group. Led by Jon Emerson (pictured left), the current team of four has nigh on 100 years of industry insight and knowledge which customers can access.

“Knowledge is everything in this industry,” explains Jon. “Because we know our product range intimately we can quickly identify what our customers need and provide solutions when a specific need exists. For example, we don’t just deliver office furniture – we can put it together too!”

In fact the very term ‘office supplies’ is somewhat inadequate to describe what Boswell can offer. Of course they provide every variation of every office product you can envision, from paperclips to chairs, but the product range has expanded in recent years to include furniture, shredders, print consumables, first aid kits, arts and crafts supplies, clothing, computer software, cleaning materials and equipment, even catering supplies. If it’s something you need in your office, village hall, community centre, sports club or school, you’ll probably find it at Bowell Office Supplies.

“We relish the opportunity to find the best products for customers,” says Jon who runs the office with Mark (pictured right). “Not many people understand our passion for office products. In fact we talk in code a lot of the time, using reference numbers we’ve stored in our memories over many years. ”

Jon and Mark are always available to take calls but more and more customers order online, a simple process once an account has been set up. It’s easy to find specific products on the website where special offers are regularly highlighted.

As part of Mansion House Group, which also includes Mansion House Publishing, Colourplan Print and Musical Marketing, Boswell can provide a range of additional add-on services including a full print service, advertising in any one of several regular publications and a range of online/social media marketing options.

“We are stronger and more competitive as a group,” explains Jon. “Many of our customers come to us for a mix of products or services, knowing we have their best interests at heart but also because it’s easier, quicker and cheaper to deal with a single supplier. Many Colourplan Print customers have become Boswell customers and vice versa. Trust is key to our success and the fact that Andy, our main delivery driver, and Nick, our field sales operative, are well-liked and knowledgeable doesn’t hurt either.”

So whether you need a regular supply of essential products, clothing or office furniture for new staff, first aid kits for staff on the move or any one of the thousands of products Jon and this team can source on your behalf, check out the website or give the office a call if you have a specific enquiry.

“Buy locally, use our local knowledge and get your office supplies delivered right into your office or school,” says Jon. “We are good at what we do because we love what we do. For us it’s personal and that’s why so many of our customers have been with us for many years. We look forward to working with you too.”

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