As Spring approaches, new plans are often hatched and we are now intending to hold our Messy Church events more frequently. We held our first for the new year on 5 February, when we re-enacted the presentation of the baby Jesus in the temple (called Candlemass), and our next will be at the same time on 16 April, after which we hope to hold Messy Church on the same Sunday of every month. Details will be in the next issue.

Messy church is so called because its church for people with not so “perfect lives”,  a gathering of people with lives that are perhaps a little messy and complicated at times, which is really all of us. So it is for all ages and involves celebrating being together with food, fun, craft, story telling, singing, etc; all things that help us experience God as he really is.

While we ramp up our plans and resourcing for the new programme, we are temporarily not holding our usual Sunday@4 services. Our Friday walking group and Coffee Space at 2pm, all continue as before. Again, we hope to introduce some variety into our sessions this year while still providing a space for people to just meet and enjoy each others company over a cuppa. All events are at Tower Hall, at the times shown and are open to anyone. They are completely free and no booking is needed.

If you wish to attend a church service or find out more about the Christian faith please go to:, email the office at:, or call: 01473 270 978.