Well, Christmas and New Year came and went, we are still in lockdown with a major health crisis and an economic crisis only held back by borrowing from future generations. Things might also be worse by the time you read this so what is this HOPE we keep mentioning?

As I write, we are marking the Epiphany, more commonly known as the Visit of the Magi or Three Wise Men, but nothing had changed after they left.

The land was still under harsh occupation and life was still hard for the holy family as they fled to Egypt as refugees. However, something had changed. Something that started in a cowshed in an obscure corner of a vast empire eventually turned that same empire on its head and reached another obscure corner – Suffolk. The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus still changes lives and gives hope.

This year, resolve to search and find out why Jesus brings hope. Check out www.mie.org.uk where there will also find many other resources to watch, to read or listen to, or call the church office on 01473 270978.

As we are unable to meet at Tower Hall, and other activities are stopped, we are continuing to pray for specific areas each month on Bixley Farm, and in February we will be praying for those living in Bladen Drive, towards Sandpit Close, Blair Close and Gwendolyn Close.

MIE church recently started a weekly (Wednesday afternoon) pop-up shop to help struggling families in the parish. This is run from St John’s Church on Cauldwell Hall Road but is for any in the parish who are struggling financially.

No questions. No referrals. No shame. At the time of writing, you are still able, and very welcome, to join us at our two other churches in MIE at 10.30am on Sunday mornings. Please remember your facemask. If you wish to attend a service, join an alpha group or find out more about our Christian faith please go to www.mie.org.uk or contact us at: office@mie.org.uk / 01473 270978

This article runs in the February edition of Kesgrave & Rushmere which you can read in full by clicking on Magazines.