Babergh & Mid Suffolk Council Meetings Continue Remotely

Council meetings for Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils are set to resume remotely following the Government’s decision to grant local authorities’ powers to meet and make decisions using digital technology to ensure public safety.

Council meetings across the country were suspended following the government’s social distancing and lockdown measures, introduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mid Suffolk District Council’s Development control committee meeting will be the first remotely held meeting on Wednesday 28th with Babergh District Council’s Planning meeting on 30th April.

Meetings will be conducted via Skype and members of the public will be able to watch the live stream of the meeting via the councils’ YouTube channel

Public speaking arrangements at the meeting will still go ahead in accordance with the Planning Charters. In order to speak at a meeting, participants need to register their interest by emailing Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils’ Committee Services team at  They will then receive a meeting invitation to allow them to take part.

Leader of Babergh District Council Cllr John Ward said: “The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive effect on society globally, and we are working hard, together with our public sector and emergency service colleagues to respond and support our communities through the crisis.

“However, there is also work to be done to ensure that our districts can continue to function during the outbreak and beyond and we therefore welcome the ability to resume council meetings safely using IT solutions to allow us to meet virtually.”

Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council Cllr Suzie Morley said: “Thankfully we are in an age where technology exists to allow us to meet online – ensuring the decisions we make for our communities continue to be democratic, open to debate and public scrutiny – whilst also ensuring the safety of the public, our councillors and officers.”

Meetings will be held remotely until the government restrictions in relation to public gatherings are lifted or relaxed.

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