A Muttley Crew Needs You!

This year there are several great sporting events to look forward to; The Olympics, Euro 2020, and many more but closer to home you too could be part of a winning team!

With the backing of Sport England; This Community Can is a Community Action Suffolk project tackling rural isolation with volunteer-led activities. There are many great groups across Suffolk from gardening to table tennis, yoga to youth clubs and while all are very different, they are united in that they bring local people together for fun and friendship in their own community.

Recent headlines about the surge in mental health challenges, especially among men, is a big cause for concern and there is interest in forming activities for men to enjoy with their peers which are free, accessible and without the need for any equipment!

This Community Can are launching a new initiative in March called ‘The Muttley Crew’ which will be a relaxed and friendly walking group for men of all ages and their dogs, if they have one!

If you are a man who would like to spend some time in the fresh air with others, getting fit while making friends and finding new places to walk in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, with the bonus of ending up in a local pub, then the Muttley Crew is for you! Dogs of course, are optional but will be very welcome and the pubs selected will be welcoming to walking boots and muddy paws!

A walking club is a great way to meet people, especially if you struggle to talk to others in more formal settings.  This will bring you together with like-minded men in a setting which allows you to be as chatty as you feel comfortable with. Due to the physical nature of walking, it is possible to walk without talking if you prefer.

If you, or someone you know would enjoy the chance to be part of The Muttley Crew do please get in touch with Nicky Russell, Project Officer at This Community Can at nicky.russell@communityactionsuffolk.org.uk or on 07775661970.

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