Newly elected mayor of Woodbridge, Eamonn O’Nolan, presented local Farlingaye pupil, 12-year-old Peyton Ward with a letter of appreciation on behalf of Woodbridge Town Council and residents of Woodbridge.

Cllr Ruth Leach picked up the story on social media “it was a thank you to an anonymous schoolboy who very kindly came to the rescue of a local mum who was trying to take her disabled child to school in his wheelchair. The footpath was blocked with branches from a tree and this young man came to her rescue and cleared the path so that she could pass safely. He disappeared before she could ask his name or thank him.”

After a bit of community detective work Peyton was recognised and his mum, Lauren Ward, was told about what he had done. Arrangements were made for a surprise visit from the Mayor and Cllr Leach to present him with a letter of appreciation.

Mayor Eamonn O’Nolan said “When Councillor Ruth Leach heard about Peyton’s act of kindness, she quickly arranged for a commendation letter from Woodbridge Town Council. I was delighted to present it to Peyton – all the more because today happens to be his birthday! “

The letter read; ‘On behalf of Woodbridge Town Council we would like to recognise your quick thinking and helpfulness yesterday in clearing the branches off the footpath for a member of the public to be able to pass safely. Thoughtful acts of kindness like this are part of the essence of a caring community and your action strongly upholds those values. You have done your family and neighbourhood proud – keep up the good work and have a lovely birthday!’

“He is such a kind-hearted little boy,” says mum Lauren “I think this shows how doing the right thing feels nice”. 

Cllr Leach sees it as an excellent opportunity to reinforce positive values within the community and to discuss the things that would make Woodbridge an even better place for young people.